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Adam "Kaplan" Kaplan

"Augment is the tool I use by far the most as a pro Valorant coach - I cannot imagine what my day-to-day would look like without it. Augment's presentation of data alone is enough to make it the premier platform for Valorant analysis... yet they also go above and beyond to collect and provide data from games that the API and other platforms do not. The progress they make regularly shows their passion and understanding for the game, and I can easily say my team would not have the same consistency and success if it weren't for Augment."
Head Coach - Sentinels
Kaplan - Augment.GG Testimonial

Dimitar "Itopata" Staev

"Augment is a great tool, it saves a lot of time when preparing for official games. It allows us to quickly find specific stats, which we would otherwise need a lot of time to manually pick from VODS."
Head Coach - Apeks
Itopata - Augment.GG Testimonial

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer

"It really helped a lot! Even if we put aside the quality of your product, one key element that maybe people don't mention is that it really helps us with time, even more so when playing a tournament style format (where matches can come up very quickly)."
Head Coach - M80
Happy - Augment.GG Testimonial
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