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Our platform saves coaches up to 60-70 hours a month of mundane data-collection and can be integrated in a simple manner
Game-Changing Data
We are the only company in the Valorant scene which can deliver actual positions, utility usage and custom data metrics
With the help of our tools coaches can spot patterns in opponents gameplay within 10minutes of usage
We have a closed community with coaches and analysts from top esports teams which collaborate with us


Review any specific event, drop a bookmark on it, and make team VOD reviewing sessions a breeze.

Scrims Analytics

With Augment’s new features you can have your scrims recorded and analyzed fully automatically with next to no manual input. Review your detailed stats.

Access the Valorant Data Portal

With the latest versions of Augment, you can now link to the Valorant Data Portal to analyze your scrims or official matches using comprehensive data sources.

Review any Specific Scenario

Explore patterns: default plays, sentinel setups, and utility usage faster and more efficiently than ever before. Enhance your strategy and gain an edge over the competition


Adam "Kaplan" Kaplan

"Augment is the tool I use by far the most as a pro Valorant coach - I cannot imagine what my day-to-day would look like without it. Augment's presentation of data alone is enough to make it the premier platform for Valorant analysis... yet they also go above and beyond to collect and provide data from games that the API and other platforms do not. The progress they make regularly shows their passion and understanding for the game, and I can easily say my team would not have the same consistency and success if it weren't for Augment."
Head Coach - Sentinels
Kaplan - Augment.GG Testimonial

Dimitar "Itopata" Staev

"Augment is a great tool, it saves a lot of time when preparing for official games. It allows us to quickly find specific stats, which we would otherwise need a lot of time to manually pick from VODS."
Head Coach - Apeks
Itopata - Augment.GG Testimonial

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer

"It really helped a lot! Even if we put aside the quality of your product, one key element that maybe people don't mention is that it really helps us with time, even more so when playing a tournament style format (where matches can come up very quickly)."
Head Coach - M80
Happy - Augment.GG Testimonial

Subscription Plans

Our subscriptions come with a 3-day trial so feel free to test out the platform beforehand.
We provide support through our Discord channel 24/7 and take feature suggestions!

Season 2024 Sale

Set yourself up for success in 2024 season with our discounted prices.
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Starting at $800/month
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Everything in Starter+

Clickable prototype

MVP development

Analysis extra

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Starting at $2000/month
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Everything in Scale+

Ongoing developement

Selection of 4 MVPs

Ongoing analysis

Basic Tier

Free to Download
What’s included

Basic Stats

Local Video Match Review

Now Included: Scrims Analytics
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Premiere Tier

Starting at
What’s included

Match Search Tool

Basic Map

Basic Stats

Scrim Recorder

Now Included: Scrims Analytics
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Regional Leagues Tier

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What’s included

Match Search Tool

Advanced Map

Advanced Stats

Scrim Recorder

Now Included: Scrims Analytics
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Tour Tier

Starting at
What’s included

Match Search Tool

Pro Map

Advanced Stats

Scrim Recorder

Scrims: 75 scrims / month (Full Capability)

Full Player Positions

Ult Status Data

Utility Usage


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